Pi Day

Pi Day Comicstrip

all of my geometry students (in fact, all of my students) already know how obsessed with pi i am.  i’m not really sure why i ever became so obsessed, but i know that it started back when i was in high school, primarily because i was fascinated by the number. 

pi has long been what i would classify as my favorite number and being a teacher, i have the ability to go all out and celebrate pi day annually with activities in my classroom.

i realize that pi day was a little over a week ago.  however, i would like to use this blog as the chance to get some feedback from students about pi day and the activities that we did this year or have done in the past.  i do not merely want the comment of “I like it” or “i don’t like it,” please give more constructive responses.  comment about the specific contests that are offered (school-wide), as well the activites that i have done during the day within the classroom.  this year we also did a pi chain which was a bit overwhelming, yet i thought turned out kind of cool – but i would like student thought as well.  i have considered not doing pi day activities anymore because some students can tend to get out of hand.  what are your thoughts as students, or do you have a thought for a way in which i can structure it better to provide more control?

also i have included a comic strip – please let me know what you think about it.


March 24, 2008 at 2:10 pm 16 comments

The Ups and Downs of Technology

There are so many advantages that technology offers us.  We’re all exposed to some of those advantages on a nearly daily basis.  Once a month I get a huge amount of exposure all in one shot through the GISD’s GenNET PIONEERS group that I’m a part of.  I started a blog last month during the GenNET PIONEERS session and now it is in use in my Geometry class…

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A Space to Communicate


So, I started this wordpress blog page (or whatever you call it) when I was in my technology class at the GISD.  I created in the hopes that I would be able to use it in my classes that I teach at Bentley High School as a way for my students and myself to communicate on another level, via the web.  Moving us into a technological world, hopefully… 

I’ve discovered that it should be alot easier for my students to add comments than I initially thought.  So, the first goal is to use it as an extra credit opportunity for the third marking period – to comment on the page designated for that class.  So, this is kind of an experiment and I’m hoping that it goes well!

Comment on!

March 19, 2008 at 1:50 pm 2 comments

Becoming Technology Dependent

Technology has never been a huge part of my life and at times I’ve even tried to completely avoid it, but I’m learning that I need to become much more technology dependent.  I’ve started to realize that I must be able to use and feel comfortable with technology, even though it seems that the gods of technology seem to hate me at times.  As a teacher, with students whose world will and already do, involve a great deal of technology, I must be able to teach them for that world.  The world that they do and will live in and work in.

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