Give me your opinion on the use of blogs in school.  What are the pros and the cons that you see in the use of blogs? 


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Final Exams

Final Exams are fast approaching…

What do think (likes and/ or dislikes) about the exam schedule?

Tuesday – 1st hour, 4th hour, 5th hour;  Wednesday – 2nd hour, 4th hour, 6th hour;  Thursday – 3rd hour, 4th hour, 7th hour

Also, what type of an exam format would you like to see for the Geometry exam?  (Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Fill in the Blank, Essay) – No exam is NOT a choice. 

May 6, 2008 at 3:34 pm 9 comments

Student Responses

Please make sure you are actually responding to the questions posted in the blog.  Feel free to add other information to the response, however just random comments that do not relate or answer what is asked of you will not get you credit!

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Gradewise Online

The entire school year it has been possible for students and parents to check your grade online.  This gives you the most current information on your individual assignments and also on your overall grade.

Answer the following two questions in regards to Gradewise Online –

What do you think about having grades available for you and your parents to view?  How often do you look at/ use the grade program online?


April 29, 2008 at 3:17 pm 6 comments

SVSU Math Olympics

Whether or not you attended the Mathematics Competition at SVSU last Friday, all of you should be aware that approximately 35 students went on a field trip to SVSU on Friday.  This blog actually comes from one of the blog moderators regarding the Mathematics Competition.

Do you think that 35 students should have been allowed to attend an event such as this at SVSU?  Or do you think that too many or too few students attended?  Give reasoning for your answer.

The highest score for Level 1 tests for Bentley was a 10 (2 students) and a 6 for Level 2.  If you are one of the people who attended – give me your comments on the event please…  If you did not attend, go to the link below to view this year’s test and then comment on the difficulty level of the test.  Do you think 10 out of 25 is really good or bad for the test that was given?

April 21, 2008 at 7:01 pm 11 comments

M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher is an artist that is primarily famous for his woodcuts, many of which are tessellations.  Tesselations are created using translations, rotations, and reflections from an initial object/ shape.  In my classroom there is an article posted on the bulletin board regarding M.C. Escher and his artwork which is currently being exhibited at the Flint Institute of Art.  There are also numerous books and articles about Escher and his artwork.  There’s an endless supply of information online also.  Find and report on at least one random fact about Escher.  Also pick one of the 5 pictures I have posted and describe the Geometry that is involved to create this piece of artwork. 


An extra credit opportunity for you – which you will only know about if you actually read this blog – is to go to the Flint Institute of Art and look at the exhibit on Escher.  Bring back some proof of having been to the FIA and write the name of your favorite piece of artwork (that is exhibited) and year that it was created on a notecard and turn it in.  This will be worth up to 15 points of Extra Credit.  (Saturday’s are free at the FIA.)

April 15, 2008 at 7:16 pm 18 comments

Student Posts

Any student trying to post a response to the weekly blog …

I had to change this slightly.  The weekly blog has to be done as a page from my main screen, so you must click on the tab up at the top of the page or on the link in the bottom right that has this weeks date.  From there you will post just like you did for the extra credit…

Thank you to Kayla H. who mentioned not being able to comment (bonus points to you) because that’s how I discovered I have to use a page instead of the home page blog… 

You can contribute to the home page blog only if I add each one of you individually and then you must have your own working email address, so that an invite to be a contributor can be sent to you.  If you would like to be a contributor to the home page and want an invite to use wordpress yourself, let me know, I’ll add you…

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